Animal adopters, who would like to adopt animals could do so by browsing  Mysore Zoo website:  The details of animal adoption rates for various animals is given under adoption menu.  Mysore zoo has Bank account number with syndicate bank branch Ittigegud.  If somebody  wishes to adopt animal/donate, they can electronically transfer the amount to the following account number.

 Member Secretary – Zoo Authority of Karnataka

          IFSC           :         SYN B0001720

          A/C No       :         1720-214-0000028

Once, it is confirmed that the amount transferred to the above account, Zoo would send the adoption certificate, passes etc.  Adoption amount is exempted under 80G of the Income tax act.

The bank charges towards  electronic transfer of money is Rs 6/- only up to 1.00 lakh amount.

General public/animal lovers/educational institutions are requested to avail the above facilities and help the cause of connection.






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