Death of Sloth Bear Ramani

A female sloth bear Ramani aged 29 years died on 28/4/2017 due to Senility.  Ramani was received at the age of 1 year, she housed at Mysuru for 28 years.  All the zoo fraternity condolence the death of Sloth Bear Ramani.

Death of a Male adult Gaur


A male adult Gaur aged 13 years had an injury on its right forelimb due to infighting with his inmates on 29/3/2017.  Surgery performed to reconstruct the wound on the same day.  After the surgery the animal was revived.Later, the other male gaurs had tendency to fight this injured gaur for which the animal keepers […]

Recent updates of Mysuru Zoo


Birth of Asiatic Golden Jackal – 4 Nos. on February 2017.Diana Hamadryas Baboon gave birth to a baby on 25/2/2017. Birth of female Gaur calf on 10/3/2017. Death of 2 male Wild Dogs on 10/3/2017.  Postmortem report is awaited.    

Health Status of Chimpanzee Ganga

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A female Chimpanzee Ganga aged 56 years 9 months confiscated from a Great Royal circus camping in Chennai and brought to Mysore Zoo on 11/8/2003 as per the directions of Central Zoo Authority, New Delhi. She is the oldest Chimpanzee housed at Mysuru Zoo.  Ganga is showing overall general weakness and reduced food intake since 10 […]

Reopen of Mysuru Zoo for visitors

Mysuru Zoo reopens on 3rd February 2017.  As per Central Zoo Authority of India guidelines, Department of Animal Husbandry has given clearances based on the negative results for Avian Influenza from National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal.  Forest Secretary issued an order for the reopening.  Central Zoo Authority of India has also given […]

Birth and Deaths of animals in Zoo


Details of Birth: A Four Horned Antelope given birth to a fawn on 1/12/2016 in an enclosure. Two Spot Billed Pelican chicks hatched in an aviary. A Sambar Deer fawn born on 10/12/2016 in an enclosure.   A Muntjac given birth to a fawn on 12/12/2016 in an enclosure. On 15/12/2016, Indian Grey Wolf whelped […]