The modern Zoos in the 21st century demand policy statements on conservation of endangered species and for the collection of species for exhibit purpose. The long time policy for collection and conservation need to be worked out for Indian Zoos. There are many instances wherein some zoos have list of single animals, surplus animals, which has not been attended to several years, resulting in the improper management of this species. The surplus stock may be shifted to other zoos, Herbivores safari and isolated patch of forest to reduce the incurring expenditure and Central Zoo Authority as a Nodal agency can help the zoos to pair the single animals. The other important management aspect is to take up short and long term research programme on conservation of regionally endangered species, and if necessary by gathering compatible animal group for taking up breeding programme, e.g., Lion tailed macaque, Indian Gir, Lions, Gaur, Swamp Deer etc., we also need to establish a data documentation centre to collect information on housing nutrition, health care, breeding and maintaining stud book information. There is an urgent need to raise the standard of Indian Zoos by becoming members of worldwide information system on species (ISI) and for adoptions.

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