Some of the buildings in the Zoo are more than 100 years old and are still maintained as Heritage Buildings. Following is the brief note on each of these heritage buildings in Mysore zoo:

Office Building

An old building is existing near the entrance gate of the zoo, is presently utilized for office works. The Architecture has colonial office Look


Museum Building

The old building near the entrance gate was popularly known as Museum Building, where the stuffed animal trophies were kept for public display, for a very long time.

Since the concept of displaying only live animals is in force, most of the stuffed animals and trophies have been spared to Regional Museum of Natural History, Government organizations and Educational Institutions. The worn out stuffed specimens were destroyed.

The existing building is presently housing office of the Chairman, Zoo Authority of Karnataka, office of the Member Secretary, Zoo Authority of Karnataka and some sections of office of the Conservator of Forests & Executive Director, Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore. The right wing of the first floor is recently converted as Conference Hall for conducting Meetings.

Aquatic Bird Enclosure

The old Aquatic bird enclosure has been modified to suit for housing the birds like Parakeets, Black swan, Finches, etc., all the breeding pairs are kept in the building. It may be called as Bird Breeding Centre.

Band Stand

There exists a beautiful Band Stand inside the Zoo, exposing all the 4 sides open for the public to witness the recital of Band played rendered by renowned Musicians on General holidays and Sundays. Though no such Band play is continued, the area is being maintained with beautiful lawns and aesthetic value to the Zoo gardens.

The structure needs replacement of roof and glasses and seating arrangements in order to maintain its heritage value.

Main Tiger House

The Main Tiger House is one of the oldest enclosures built during 1892, in the regime of Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar Bahadur, the founder of Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens and still remains as one of the best tiger enclosures, in modern days. There are 9 holding rooms including two cave partitions with a large open moat, where the tigers are released for public display. Spacious rooms with high walls is a luxury to national animal.

Old Chimpanzee Enclosure

The old Chimpanzee enclosure in the zoo was used for housing Chimpanzee and at present it is used for housing and breeding Lorikeets.