Kitchen & Stores

The Mysore Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the country and the zoo has made provision for the kitchen and the stores in one of the oldest buildings on premises. It was a long felt need to have a new building with separate provisions with the financial assistance of the Central Zoo Authority. A new building has been constructed making separate provisions for storing food grains, dressing beef item, kitchen, record room and computerized weighing bridge which facilitates accurate weighing and documentation. The new building was inaugurated by Smt. Thayamma, Attender on 26th February 2008 on the occasion of zoo day celebration. Two Senior Assistants and four helpers are assisting in this section. Different agencies will be fixed for supplying feeding articles on tender contract besides supplies obtained through government organizations for certain item of feeding articles every year. Indents will be placed for supply of feeding articles as per the prescribed diet chart, catering to the needs of 150 species and 1120 specimen. Feeding articles will be thoroughly checked for their quality and quantity by the responsible officers and in-charge staff members and accounted properly so as to ensure wholesome and unadulterated feeding articles. It is also ensures proper cleaning before distribution to the animals in a systematic manner, pouring in different containers as per diet charts. The stores shall function under the direct supervision of the Range Forest Officer and checked by the Assistant Director and Deputy Director. Proper sanitation and good hygiene is also maintained in the kitchen and stores by taking adequate precautionary measures.