Safety & Security

The Security unit of Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens at Mysore plays a vital role in safeguarding the safety of visitors and the properties of Mysore Zoo as well as the Karanji Lake Nature Park. Presently, the zoo retains security services from two different sources. The first and important segment is that the Zoo hires ex-servicemen directly engaged on contract by the zoo itself and another through private security agency on competitive tenders.

Different private agencies have provided security services for more than a decade to the zoo on an open tender. Presently M/s. Sharp Watch Investigation Security Services Pvt. Ltd. (SWIS) is providing security services to the zoo and Karanji Lake Nature Park in addition to the 28 Ex-servicemen. The agency has provided 36 Security Guards as additional security including lady guards for collection of entrance tickets and safety of visitors.

The Zoo is a plastic Free Zone. Since the Zoo is declared as a plastic free zone and to maintain cleanliness atmosphere, the Security personnel are given the responsibility of screening of plastic and related products in the main gate itself. The security personnel at the entrance gate will collect all polythene or plastic covers which may be brought by the visitors by way of bringing eatables and replace with paper covers and the plastic and polythene covers will be separately preserved and handed over to the concerned officials for disposal.

Animal Security. Security personnel of both the Ex-servicemen and the Agency are deployed to watch and ward near the Animal enclosures so as to prevent vandalism as well as feeding by the visitors. If anybody is found to be in violation of posted Rules and Regulations, the Security personnel are charged to impose fines or any other actions as required.

Lost and Found articles. The Security personnel also help in the effort to return lost items on the premises of the zoo or the lake park by following training and official formalities.

Security personnel assist concerned ofhcials and visitors to obtain parking tickets at vehicles Parking Stand. They direct drivers of different vehicles to park their vehicles at the places stipulated for parking certain vehicles and also used to record the details of vehicles taken out from the parking area.

Fire Safety. Security personnel were also given the responsibility of maintenance of fire extinguishers provided in the zoo as well as Karanji Lake Nature Park area. They were properly guided in managing emergent situations. Training in fire fighting and operation of Ere extinguishers is also given to them.

The daily routine and performance of security personnel are being supervised by Deputy Director and Range Forest Officer of Mysore Zoo to ensure promptness and safeguarding the zoo property. A monthly meeting of Security Personnel is conducted by the Security Officer to review emergent situations like disturbance, riots and such other incidents which may occur in Mysore or surrounding areas, effects of such incidents on the Zoo and precautionary measures to be taken, etc., will be discussed and the security personnel will be guided properly to manage such situations. Night patrolling is most important on the part of security system. The security personnel used to perambulate in the stipulated area throughout night so as to avoid any theft or untoward incidents. No one will be allowed to enter inside the zoo after working hours. They also observe the animals in enclosures and used to give information on the health condition of the animals as and when required. Service of two licensed gun men is also availed on contract for night security. They will perambulate the area with arms so as to prevent illicit felling of valuable trees in the Zoo and Karanji Lake area by outsiders and also to protect the zoo property.

Daily reports pertaining to the security management will be submitted by the Security Officer at 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. to the higher authorities of the zoo for information and seeking guidance.