Vermi Composting

I zoo requests one and all to join our hands in conservation of zoo animals through Adoption and become zoo ambassadors. The sponsorers can avail the privileges and also get income tax rebate u/s. 80G. For more details, contact the office.

Vermi Composting of Zoo waste

Vermi Composing is the process of recycling organic matter into nutrient rich compost using earth worms. Every day the waste generated in the zoo is collected and processed in the site and earth worm are then released into the prepared bed. After the process, an average of 1 - 1.5 tonnes of vermi compost is prepared. The existing price is Rs.10,000/- per tonne.

There is a great demand for the vermi composting from the public, institutions and Government departments. The details of sales made are as follows:-

Sl.No. Year No. Of Tones sold Amount Realized
1 5/3/2005 to 31/3/2006 148331 Kgs. Rs.4,44,993.00
2 1/4/2006 to 31/3/2007 144492 Kgs. Rs.4,36,360.00
3 1/4/2007 to 31/3/2008 168903 Kgs. Rs.5.07,795.00
4 1/4/2008 to 31/3/2009 227953 Kgs. Rs.7,59,691.00
5 1/4/2009 to 31/3/2010 1,53,510 Kgs. Rs.6,16,275.00
6 1/4/2010 to 31/3/2011 2,33,232 Kgs. Rs.9,35,383.00