Vission & Mission

Mission Statement

"To connect visitors and animals through exemplary animal welfare and care, best educational and inspirational experiences, fostering public appreciation and support for wild animals and conservation"


  • To convey the value of conservation through education.
  • Captive breeding of endangered species.
  • To inspire local and global communities to protect, conserve, and celebrate wildlife.
  • To provide a fun, unique, and inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge and care for the natural world.
  • To ensure thriving as a premier zoological institution, reaching its fullest potential to serve people, animals and the environment.

What we are doing to address these needs?

  • Fostering sound physical, psychological and social development for the animals in our care.
  • Creating an educational environment for all sectors, groups and individuals that develops a unifying bond between our visitors and the animals which inspires appreciation and concern about wildlife and wild places.
  • Contributing to worldwide animal management, conservation and research efforts. Improving the quality of our professional development, administration and operating environment.
  • Striving for the financial self-sufficiency of the organization.


Fostering sound techniques of husbandry that ensure the physical and psychological well-being of the animals in our care through professional animal and veterinary care and a comprehensive animal management plan.

Education, through staff involvement and training, in-reach and outreach programmes, conferences and workshops, volunteers, natural animal exhibits, directional, informational and interpretive signage.

Supporting and participating in scientific research that contributes towards the knowledge, understanding and conservation of endangered animals by utilizing staff, universities and other zoological institutions.

Our commitment

  • To impart conservation values.
  • To provide comforts for wild animals.
  • Exhibit animals in Sylvan environment.
  • To extend best possible facilities for visitors.
  • To provide clean, greenery plastic free zone, and soothing atmosphere.