Mysore zoo is conducting internship programme for the veterinary students every year. Students from Bangalore, Pondicherry and Bidar Veterinary College were undergone internship programme for one week period in the zoo under the guidance of experienced zoo veterinarians, The main issues covered are management concept, treatment including tranquilization, behavioral studies and feeding aspects. The students after completing the internship programme will be given certificates.

Orientation Programme (Ponnampet Forestry School)

The Final year students of B.Sc. (Forestry) were deputed for training to zoo for about 10 days from the feedback ascertained from the previous participants, the zoo is conducting the orientation programme more interesting with project works. The project reports assigned covering topics which will help both trainees as well as the institution. Students were preparing the project work in the afternoon every day and the morning session were assigned for theory classes. The programmes includes zoo rounds, visit to stores, keeper interaction, health care management of animals in captivity, visit to Karanji Lake Nature Park, studies on snakes, primates, rhinos, hippo and demonstration on tranquilization equipments.

IFS Probations and RFO trainees

The probationers of Indian Forest Service and Range Forest Ofncer probationers will visit the zoo as part of the training schedule. They will be taken inside the zoo for rounds, accompanied by zoo education officer and information will be provided to them about each animal enclosure, besides appraising the importance of zoo activities.

Project preparation

The students / scientists / NGO’s are being assisted to prepare project reports about animal and zoo activities.

Feed Talk

Feed talk is being conducted in front of the tiger enclosure on every Wednesday and Friday in a week. The visitors were told about the feed which is given as per the body weight what they are fond of and how they eat and other important aspects were told including their behaviour.

Signage Boards

Mysore zoo of late has given importance for various signage to create awareness and to provide information to the public. Display of signage and label to avoid confusion among the visitors. Erections of interpretative signage in front of animal enclosure and route map along with the visitors route. Signage provides information, warning message, direction, slogans and other administrative matters of the zoo.

Interpretation Centre

It is contemplated to establish the interpretation centre, displaying animal parts viz. hairs, nails and other parts to create awareness among the visitors.

Route Map

An innovative route map was erected with stone structure of 11 feet in height and the width is 18 feet with cascading water fall, murals of animals and the routes shown through copper oil. The route map is erected by using natural materials for attractive and natural look murals and terracotta can be interchangeable. The route map is provided near the entrance gate of the zoo which depicts animal’s pictures and location of the enclosure, for easy identification. The route map is also displayed at 4 to 5 places inside zoo for providing information,

Volunteers program

The role of volunteers is very important in order to promote awareness through zoo education programmes regularly every year. It is most fortunate to have sincere volunteers who are visiting the zoo regularly on their own and extending their assistance in conducting education programmes besides taking lead role in educating the students / NGO’s / Visitors.


The media representatives playing important role in creating awareness to the public about the zoo activities, developments taking place and also education programmes throughout the year.

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