MEDARKS (Medical record keeping system) is an internationally accepted health record keeping system, wherein the data pertaining to captive stock can be shared with leading International zoos of the world. This system also helps in taking up breeding programme, zoo exchange programmes, gifting of animals preventive health programme, and health management of captive wild animals. The Central Zoo Authority of India is rightly guiding the Indian Zoos which are in transition for becoming a institute meant for conservation of species by funding to remove the outdated closed cage system of exhibits to open moated system of enclosure, with inputs to enrich the micro captive habitat and architecturally merging holding rooms with the environment of the enclosures giving a very new concept of housing animals in a very new concept of housing animals in a near to natural environment. We should look forward and prepare Master Plan for all the major zoos in the country for at least 10 years to develop them systematically on the basis of scientific  lines, research inputs, sharing experiences of Forest Ofhcers/Managers and Veterinarians etc. There is a high need to appoint Research Asst., Biologist and Curators to major zoos of the country to mange the Zoo on professional lines. Exchanging information and close rapport with the leading zoos of Europe America and Australia, where research is the foundation in the management of the zoos, and where breeding programme of many species has been a successful story can be adopted by sharing information with them.

The Mysore Zoo had such one experience with Los Angeles of America sharing information with regard to hand rearing of Giraffe, which on getting guidelines successfully, hand-reared 4 Giraffe young ones for the first time in the country which is no less than an achievement in managing deserted young ones on International standards. Some of the German Zoos collaborate very well with this zoo, know the facilities available for housing and management gifted many exotic species like Giraffe, Zebra, wallabies, barbery sheep, etc. The zoos can enrich in collection of the species having good relationship with international zoos and it indirectly benefits sharing of information on housing enrichment, population control management, health record keeping etc., presently with the advancement of Technology and Globalization taking place at very fast rate, and quick system of communication has made the things possible in sharing information and to take up right step in right direction in shortest time. The Central Zoo Authority of India can arrange technical seminars involving major zoos in India inviting research persons, within the country and abroad to make the Indian Zoos to be ori line with the most modern zoos in the world.

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