Mysore zoo has Bank account number with syndicate bank branch Ittigegud.  If education institutions availing the concession rates they can electronically transfer the amount to the following account number.                                                                      

Member Secretary – Zoo Authority of Karnataka

IFSC           :         SYN B0001720

A/C No       :         1720-214-0000028

Education institutions availing the concession rates can upload scanned copies of relevant documents such as list of students with their class of study etc to zoo e-mail ID and transmit amount to the above account. Zoo would inturn confirm their entry through return e-mail, once money is accounted.  This could avoid rush, delay and inconvenience.

The bank charges towards  electronic transfer of money is Rs 6/- only up to 1.00 lakh amount.

General public/educational institutions are requested to avail the above facilities and help the cause of connection.

Attn: Teachers / Education Institutions: Students Concession (Group of Students from Education Institution) to visit zoo will be stopped every year during Dasara period. Please enquire at office before availing this facility. 

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