The zoo generates huge quantities of organic waste, including that of animals in an addition to rich vegetation and all swept waste is dumped in the manure yard. Earlier only the available farm yard manure was sold at Rs.500/- per truck load. As the amount of waste generated was much higher than the demand, lot of garbage was lying within the zoo premises not only underutilized but resulting in an ugly and unhygienic condition. In order to overcome this problem, “Vermicomposting” was thought of as a potential solution in Mysore Zoo.

This has not only helped in improving the hygiene within the zoo premises but also generates additional revenue.  The price of vermicompost is Rs. 10.00 per kg.


Year Sale Qty in Kgs in Lakhs Sale Amount Rs. in Lakhs
2005 – 2006 1.48 4.45
2006 – 2007 1.44 4.36
2007 – 2008 1.69 5.08
2008 – 2009 2.28 7.60
2009 – 2010 1.54 6.16
2010 – 2011 2.33 9.35


Details of Vermicompost

[img src=]2210Vermi Composting of Zoo Waste
[img src=]1820Previous System prevailed for solid waste management
[img src=]1490Mysore Zoo came with an innovative project
[img src=]1610Vermi composing is the process of recycling organic waste into nutrient
[img src=]1600Sources of organic waste in Mysore Zoo
[img src=]1540Process
[img src=]1340Process
[img src=]1290Process
[img src=]1480Production and Marketing
[img src=]1300Sales
[img src=]1310Standard of Vermi Compost produced in zoo
[img src=]1290Utility Purpose

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